About me

As the quote goes, finding your passion isn’t just about a career or money, it’s about finding your authentic self. For me this calling happened in 10th grade, I discovered my love for art and painting and since then I have never looked back. I continued to learn from different teachers the various creative art forms and techniques. Despite not having any professional art degree, I continued to evolve by learning and at later stage by teaching. After teaching a few students out of my home, I decided why not take this step further. Thus ArtyFacts was formed. ArtyFacts was created to help others find a way to express their love for art. It’s a place everyone can have fun, learn new things and experiment with new techniques to create everything that they visualize. At ArtyFacts along with teaching, I also undertake commissioned work. It’s a perfect place for the art connoisseurs to get their ideas flow and thoughts created. Through this website I wish to share my students and my journey and also help others learn some quick and easy tricks to explore their artistic self.

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Rakhi Lodha

Reena is a fine artist, hard working and amazingly talented. She is my Elder Sister. Over the years she has blossomed as an versatile artist.Her paintings have very good detailing. She uses vibrant colors which makes them so lively. She made “The Folk Galore" for us and it has been well liked and appreciated by everyone who visits our home. Wishing you loads of success. Love you Di !

Akanksha Gupta

Patience is big factor for Success. Reena makes it come true... I am blessed to have you as a friend, as teacher, as a guide :-) Her style of teaching you is simple but very very effective. I have not only learnt Art but also the patience to create that Art. She explains every step that she makes us do.. the importance of it, the effect of it everything is so well explained. She does not go to the next step until and unless you are satisfied with it. Love you Reena :-)


In 2015  April I took class with Reenaji to fulfill a life long dream of mine. Her systematic, hands on approach gave me confidence to use the tools of paint, brush and canvas correctly. She communicates well and her lessons are incredibly creative. In other words she doesn't tell you how to BE an artist, rather, she helps you BECOME an artist. Her friendly attitude is as important as her skill as an artist and her ability to teach. She is a truly gifted teacher. I would highly recommend class with her to anyone with any level of experience or skills. Reenaji's class reflects her great love of art and her well honed skills. I will continue to practice what my teacher, Reenaji has unveiled for me. Wishing you a great future Reenaji.

Premalatha Karthick

"A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge". Reena is not only a good book but also a great smith who forges you in shape. I am glad that I have found a great friend and the right mentor for me and my son Saisravan. Reena has the knack of bringing the best out of the individual and push one to learn new things which at a point in time, one would have wondered about the capability of doing it. Reena makes the impossible through extraordinary tutoring and channelizing energies and efforts in the right direction to achieve the desired output. We are proud to be her students! All the Best !!!

Ruchi mukherjee

Reena is very professional yet she gives personal attention to every student.

Annwesha Mukherjee

My teacher is the best. She explains very well and doesn’t make me feel bored.

Ashwini Tokekar

I got introduced to Reena ma'am, through JustDial when I was looking for class to learn painting. I had this hobby as kid but never took it very seriously. When I met and told her about my interest about painting and the fact that I have never learnt it professionally, but now I want to start learning. She gave me the confidence that I can still learn it. The best part about her which differentiates her from others is that she gives each of her student ideas according to their personalities. As a student I can always discuss with her freely about my ideas, about what I would like to do next and so on. She also suggests me something according to my speed of learning and understanding of the art. There is no compulsion on me or any her students of following a fixed pattern of learning, everybody is free to choose the type of painting they want to learn or do. Apart from regular classes she also organizes interesting workshops like bottle decoration, mandala drawing, etc. These are interesting to attend as you learn something new which you can expand yourself in.

Prathima Srigiriraju

I signed up for painting classes as a hobby. But it was vastly more. Passion, Perfection and Patience. These are really small words to describe her. One can re-discover their own when talking to her. One can mould themselves as an artist with almost no time and effort !! As she says, “Painting is Meditation and We can get the eternal happiness if you really get into it.” And so, it is if you have the best teacher. And you the Guru !!! All the best !!

Sai Sravan

My drawing teacher is Reena Ma'am. She is a very good artist. She is very kind too. If we do some mistakes, my drawing teacher will correct us. She does not boast or praise herself and is always trying to do better. She always encourage me and my friends. I learn many things like drawing, painting and colouring, sketching, pencil shading and also learning Hindi language from her.

Adhishree Labhsetwar

I am probably one of Reena’s oldest students but the not-so regular ones! Said that it’s been over 4 years that I am attending her class and I have enjoyed every single minute of it.. be it acrylic or oil; landscape or Still life. Reena is an excellent teacher. She is patient, constructive, encourages you and pushes you to do the unexpected ! She gives you the space to learn and unlearn which is very important to develop a hobby like painting. Not only do I enjoy the regular class, but also the workshops she conduct are very enriching. Be it the Mandala art or the Bottle painting or even Fluid art… it exposes you to various forms of painting.Going for her class is a big stress buster for me! I have actually discovered the painter in me! Thank you Reena !

Aashni labhsetwar

I am Reena Aunty’s oldest student and probably the naughtiest one! I have been going for her class for the last 5 years. She is not only my drawing teacher but also my tuition teacher. More importantly she is my mentor, guide and confidante! She is very kind and understand me very well. She has played a crucial role in grooming me and teaching me good habits and moral values in life. I love colors and she helps me explore myself by giving me different types of colors; be it paints, crayons, oil pastels. She even teaches me a lot of craft. Reena Aunty is the best and I love her a lot !